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This series has a brown/tan background with a blue/green reflect. I have found the M or MATTE series to be the least translucent out of all the series in Shades EQ, hence why it is called Matte. Prior to the M series, there were no series in Shades EQ that were 100% cool in their deposits and not hollow in their deposits if used as a stand-alone formula on zone 1. The M series has solved this problem and provides a non-hollow deposit. While it is still translucent because it is a liquid demi, simply put, I have found it to be not AS TRANSLUCENT as the rest of the series. It is cool in its deposit and being in the brown/tan background family it is a great candidate to be incorporated into a natural root or natural zone 1 formulation. I love to mix the M series with the N, NA, and NB series.

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